Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Michael Dell: SC08 Keynote

Although I will post a summary, notes and thoughts of this morning's SC08 Keynote, given by Michael Dell( CEO of Dell Computers) here later this afternoon, I thought some of you might want to watch along. The advantage of a high tech conference with speakers with lots of technology resources is that they can set up streaming video when they talk.
if you are interested, you can watch the keynote at http://www.dell.com/sc08. Part of his talk will be a review of HPC technology and developments over the last 40 years, but then he will also be talking about the future vision. Dell's current big push is how to simplify HPC, and they have active outreach for the manufacturing sector(more on that after my interviews later this week).
I am off to coffee up and prepare for the keynote, enjoy!

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